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Post  Error on Sun May 24, 2009 6:45 pm

Hi there Newcomers/Guests!

I'm Error, I keep things running around here. But of course I'm not the only one Cool

This is UniquePVPers

A forum which brings you the latest Info/Hacks/Cheats/Guides and many more about Video Games! But of course that isn't the only thing we have, we have a Graphic Section where you can share your art work, we have a Request Area where you can Request things like a new section or maybe guides and other things!

Even the posting here at UniquePVPers is very... yes. You got it, Unique! Let me explain.

UniquePVPers makes it very easily to post, upload and share everything you wish! Let's say you want to share a funny video you saw on Youtube. Easy, just click on the 'Video' button, paste the link there, hit 'Ok' and you're done!

You want to insert a Flash Movie? Just the same as the Video Wink Hit the 'Flash' button, copy paste your link and you are done!

Don't you hate it on these forums where you need to code things? Well here its different, because where are Unique! This is how it works: Just type in your message or text what you want to code, mark/select/hi-light the text or message and just press the 'Code' button!

That's how simply things goes here!! ;)

These features are great and really works well, and of course we got many many more of those:

Tiny? Just click Tiny

Small? Just click Small!

Normal? Hahaha, yes. Just click normal

Do you want to make something Large? Click 'Large!

And at last but not least, HUGE!

And many many more features of posting, but not only posting. You can even use this in your PM you can send!

Do you want to have it Bold or Underlined or Both, it's just almost TO easy!! Wink

  • Need to list something?
  • Easy!!

  1. Or maybe
  2. Numbered?
  3. Join us now!
But I don't know where....

Hahaha, just click "Register" on top of the site Wink

Join our cummunity! [Guests come here] 2jfavk1
Join our cummunity! [Guests come here] 10glies


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